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On July 4, 2017
The new wallpaper is embroidered extensively, 10 meters with the saga of Erik the Red and Leif the Happily. Even during the summer vacation period we meet and embroider and have got off to a good start. We challenge ourselves with new fresh colors and thinner woolen yarn. We try new stitches and use patchwork fabric where there are surfaces suitable for it. We embroider on the fabric and see how it fits into the embroidery. We use two colors of yarn mixed together and in this way we get new colors. We experiment and are each other’s harsh critics. Exciting and we welcome the colorful project.

On October 9, 2016
We have just begun our next project.

Title: Erik the Red’s saga.

First stitches on the 10 meter long embroidery about Erik the Red and Leif the Happiness were taken at this year’s Viking market. We’ve drawn mostly on canvas and started embroidering.

On September 15, 2016.
Inauguration of our bid for an end to the Bayeux wallpaper. Mag. art., PhD Lise Gjedsø Bertelsen opened the exhibition.

On June 25, 2016
The last sting at the end was taken at the Viking market Lindholm High on Saturday 25 June. 2016th

This is our bid for an end to the Bayeux wallpaper.

The finish must be exhibited in its own booth at Børglum Kloster and be included as part of the exhibition with the Bayeux wallpaper.

The inauguration will take place on September 15, 2016.

19th and 20th of February 2016
This month, the National History Museum at Frederiksborg Castle has a special exhibition with their own painted Bayeux wallpaper. For this reason, the Bayeux Group is invited to visit, showcase, embroider and tell about our bid for the end of the Bayeux wallpaper. We were visiting for two days and it was an enjoyable trip with many visitors to the museum. There was great interest and questionnaire from the audience.

November 14, 2015
Six months have passed since our inaugural exhibition at Børglum Kloster. The exhibition has a high number of visitors and is highly praised and mentioned. As we had foreseen, the wallpaper is also visited by tourists from abroad. The Bayeux group also regularly visits the wallpaper and we enjoy the view of the great result and the whole with the exhibition in the fine room.
The Bayeux Group continues to work every Tuesday evening to embroider on our own end to the Bayeux wallpaper. The finish will be just over 3 meters long. Read about it here.

We have again been invited to participate in an exhibition at Frederiksborg Castle. Here they are doing an exhibition of their painted Bayeux wallpaper in the month of February and we are helping to embroider on our end on February 19th and 20th. We will present our work to the end and tell you about the work while we embroider the work. Two years ago we also participated in their exhibition, where we embroidered the copy of the Bayeux wallpaper. There were an incredible number of guests and there was great interest in our work. We hope again to many visitors and look forward to visiting Frederiksborg Castle again.

The 1.5. 2015
It is now May 1st, and the Bayeux wallpaper is mounted in 4 booths for permanent display at Børglum Kloster. There is a dedication for invited guests 7.5, and from 8.5. there is access for the public during the opening hours of the monastery. Visit the exhibition and see the great result. Pictures of the exhibition can be seen in our photo archive here.

May 29, 2014

We have agreed to issue the following press release:

Come and see when the embroiderers sew the last stitches on the Danish copy of the Bayeux wallpaper.

Now the embroiderers sew the last stitches on the Danish copy of the 70 m long Bayeux wallpaper, which deals with the Battle of Hastings in 1066. The completion of the 70 m has taken 14 ½ years.

The last stitches are sewn on the Viking market at Lindholm High on Saturday 28 June and Sunday 29 June 2014.

At the same time, the embroiderers sew on a new piece of three meters. This piece is made out as the embroiderers bid on what the missing piece of the Bayeux wallpaper might have looked like.

Come and hear the embroiderers tell about the considerations and watch the embroiderers sew on the new piece that is completely drawn up.


About the Danish copy:

The sewing started on January 4, 2000 at. 19 in the millennium year and have been going on weekly embroidery evenings ever since. In addition, we have presented the rug and sewn at the annual Viking market, organized by the Viking group Lindholm Høje, which has also paid for the “wallpaper”.

At numerous events at schools, colleges, seminars, associations and at castles and manor houses, most recently at Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød, the embroiderers have shown stitches, stitched and told about the carpet’s exciting history.

We have searched for funds and are still missing approx. DKK 400,000 for a proper mounting of the Danish copy of the Bayeux wallpaper to be hung at Børglum Kloster.


How far have we come and what do we have to do?

After approx. 17,000 working hours on the copy of the Bayeux wallpaper we are filling in motifs in the last 3-4 meters. We have reviewed part three for errors and omissions and are in the process of correcting these. Next, we will review parts one and two for errors and omissions.

When we are all sewing on Tuesday night, finding a place to sew for everyone is tricky. Therefore, it is necessary that we divide ourselves so that some embroider on “errors and omissions”.

It has now been decided that the exhibition at Børglum Kloster will be made in three booths. This gives us extra embroidery work. The Bayeux wallpaper should be divided into three parts. A natural division of the motifs as well as the length of the stands themselves must be taken into account. The divisions must be cut and embroidered.

The wallpaper must be mounted in the stands with a Velcro suspension. We will do sewing with Velcro strips ourselves, so that all the sewing stitches are shown during the summer.

With regard to the establishment of an exhibition, we have now come so far that we are starting to seek support. We have made fund application and budget. We hope to receive support for the one-off expense for establishing a permanent exhibition at Børglum Kloster. Børglum Kloster provides attachment-free rooms in the newly renovated Welcome and Visitors Center.

We would like to receive donations for this purpose, and we hope that everyone will be able to enjoy the copy of the Bayeux wallpaper on display at Børglum Kloster during 2014.


We have sewn outline on almost every motif. There is no filling – sewing of approx. the last 5 meters.

We have begun to fill in the motifs while sewing the last outlines.

Two stitches are missing, ie that canvas should be sewn together, to be drawn over the sewing and embroidery motifs there.

We still have to go through the entire wallpaper for mistakes and shortcomings.

At the meeting 15.1. we decide to continue as before. We sew every Tuesday evening from 9 pm to 9 pm and those who can sew on Friday mornings from 9 am to 1 pm. 10 to 12. Every month, we meet on a Saturday or Sunday and sew from 4 p.m. 10 to 15.

We cannot assess when we will be finished, but we are guessing that we will also be sewing over the summer of 2013.

November 16, 2012.

How far are we ?

Bayeux wallpaper right now: In the bank box we have 2 rolls of finished wallpaper. It is part 1 and part 2, which are sewn together to a distance of 36 meters and are embroidered over the seam. The second roll in the safe is part 3 of 18 meters.

Part 4, the last part of the Bayeux wallpaper is approx. 16 meters long. Here on part 4 we have had all motifs drawn on the fabric, and we embroider on the last 5 meters. We strive to have stitched contour stitching around all the designs and will eventually fill in with stitching. We first sew the contours so that our pencil drawings do not disappear again. Lately, we have been turbocharging our work and have agreed to prioritize our sewing evenings over other activities. We also sew on a Saturday or Sunday every month, and those who can also sew on Thursday or Friday mornings. We have sewn contour around many motifs, and this means that we have to be quite flexible about where we are going to sit and sew. There will be less and less room for 9 bridge boxes on the last meter. At some point we must have sewn the 2 rolls in the bank box together and embroidered over the sewing. It will employ a few embroideries for a while. Likewise, we must have gone through the entire wallpaper with critical eyes for errors and omissions. This work will also take its time.

We will take stock of the turn of the year 2012/13 and see how far we have come and plan the last work after that.

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